Center for Educational Therapy

Helping Children with Alternative Learning Styles Reach Their Full Potential

Center for Educational Therapy in Los Angeles, California, is run by Adrian Whitchelo-Scott, Ph.D., BCET, a board-certified educational therapist and experienced assistive technology specialist. He specializes in working with people afflicted with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), Asperger's syndrome, DiGeorge syndrome, Landau-Kleffner syndrome, and severe ADHD. With more than 35 years of experience, Adrian develops and provides remedial programs and assistive technology training for parents, school administrators, doctors, social workers, and psychologists.

Animal Therapy

Zohar, our certified Service and Therapy Animal.

Zohar, our certified Service and Therapy Animal.


Child-friendly therapy dog

Reach a confidence level for your child with Zohar, the certified therapy dog of Center for Educational Therapy in Los Angeles, California. Replace fear with self-esteem when children read in front of a class or a small group. Literary specialists recognize that the paralyzing fear is encountered by children who are:

• Behind Their Peers in Reading Skills

• Often Intimidated by Reading Aloud in a Group

• Suffering from Lower Self-Esteem

• Viewing Reading as a Chore



Therapy Animals

Your child will become more visibly relaxed and emotionally balanced when you enroll him or her in Adrian’s animal

therapy sessions. Research shows that children with low self-esteem are often more willing to interact with an animal

than with another person. With Adrian’s therapy dog Zohar, he can help your child gain confidence in reading.



What is the rationale behind the use of Service Dogs?

A service dog is trained to assist those with special needs, often those with a specific disability. The service dog has one or more specific jobs to perform that support and/or protect its human companion. The service dog and handler team is protected under state and federal law for full access in the community.


What is the rationale behind the use of Therapy Dogs?

A therapy dog is trained to nurture or calm individuals, for example those who have negative reactions to learning or who are recovering from an illness. Therapy dogs generally enjoy access to hospitals if the dogs and handlers are registered through agencies that have regular rosters of therapy teams that go to special wards.