Center for Educational Therapy

Helping Children with Alternative Learning Styles Reach Their Full Potential

Center for Educational Therapy in Los Angeles, California, is run by Adrian Whitchelo-Scott, Ph.D., BCET, a board-certified educational therapist and experienced assistive technology specialist. He specializes in working with people afflicted with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), Asperger's syndrome, DiGeorge syndrome, Landau-Kleffner syndrome, and severe ADHD. With more than 35 years of experience, Adrian develops and provides remedial programs and assistive technology training for parents, school administrators, doctors, social workers, and psychologists.

Comprehensive Assistive Technology Devices

Center for Educational Therapy in Los Angeles, California, uses the latest assistive technology that enables students to work around their respective difficulties while fostering independence. With a system like Kurzweil 3000™, students learn: 

• Low- & High-Tech Solutions

• Study Skills

• Editing & File Management Tools

• Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary

• Information Organization

• Note Taking

• Outlining Skills

Portable Text Device

Upload texts to a PC or a Mac with the portable AlphaSmart Neo. This stand-alone device enables users to conduct simple typing activities even without an actual computer. With this device, students can:

• Type, Edit, & Store Texts • Take Notes • Practice Keyboarding • Send Texts Directly to a Printer

Reading Assisting Device

Through the Reading Pen, people with dyslexia can now have access to words and definitions. Designed for people with a reading or learning disability, this pen contains the American Heritage dictionary and provides the users with the following:

• Definition of Scanned Word or Line of Text

• Reading of Both Words & Definition Aloud Using Text-to-Speech Technology

• Spelling out or Breaking of Words of into Syllables

Other Assistive Devices  

Adrian is also a technology consultant to learning centers and schools. Incorporated  educational therapy sessions, as needed, the following assistive technology software and hardware devices are used as remedial and compensatory tools:

• LiveScribe™ • Echo™ • Dragon Naturally Speaking • Write:OutLoud™ • Kidspiration™ • Inspiration™ • PixWriter

Multi-Sensory Programs

Provide a foundation for building reading fluency with Adrian's reading programs that employ a multi-sensory approach. Frequently, he uses a specialized reading program to engage the elements of different programs. A systematic process targets phonemic awareness, among other skills. Adrian combines techniques and styles to match the individual needs of each client in areas such as:

• Reading • Writing • Spelling • Math • Critical Thinking • Study Strategies



Assistive technology is incorporated into educational therapy sessions as needed. In addition to being used as a remedial tool, assistive technology software and hardware devices are sued as compensatory tools, enabling students to work around their respecting difficulties while fostering independence.  Students learn various low and high tech solutions. Programs such as the Kurzweil 3000 provide study skills, editing, and file management tools. The system's feature set assists students with reading, comprehension, vocabulary development and the organization of information. Appropriate note-taking and outlining skills can also be reinforced using this system.



LiveScribe Echo

The Echo Digital Pen by LiveScribe offers an option to have the user's notes read back. Specifically, one selects record at the start of note-taking and the speaker, teacher or lecturer's voice will be recorded in sync with the notes. At any time the student can tap at any point in the text, drawing or symbols from a lecture to hear what was being said at a specific point or hear the lecture in full.  


LiveScibe Echo